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Welcome to SiH Housing!


On these pages you will find information about SiHs accommodation at Evenstad, Rena, Elverum and Hamar, in addition to the function for applying for accommodation. 


The deadline for applications for SiH accommodations is 1 June for international students.


After the deadline, accommodation is allocated to international students who have applied for a place on a study programme at Hedmark University College. 


After you have received an offer of accommodation, you must answer within a deadline of 3 days, after which the offer will be automatically cancelled. 


  • The rental prices quoted on are those that are currently applicable. A list of prices that will apply from 1 August 2015 can be found on the SiH website
  • Electricity/heating, water, broadband, cable-tv are included in the rent.  

You can find more information about SiH and SiHs accommodation here:


About signing rental agreements 


If you do not have Bank-ID or for other reasons wish to sign with a hand-written signature, use the following procedure:


  1. Download the rental agreement (PDF file) by using the option button Download and print it out.
  2. Sign and scan the rental agreement and send it by email to:, or return it by post: SiH, postboks 540, 2304 HAMAR.
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