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One application per kind of housing


If you wish to apply for different kinds of housing (room in shared kitchen, studio apartment, couples apartment, shared couples apartment or family apartment), you must submit separate applications for each kind. If you submit multiple applications for the same kind of housing, only the most recent application will be valid.

You must also submit separate applications for parking spaces, extra storage rooms. etc.


Please note that the rent is adjusted on 1 July every year, meaning that the rent in your contract can be different from what it says here. In these cases you will pay the old rent up to and including June, and the new rent from July and onwards.

You can sort the list below by clicking on the header for the different columns.

Apartment descriptionAreaPrice ranging fromPrice ranging toVacantCompare
Berg Studentvillage
Couples apartment Berg Studentvillage35765081304Choose
Single room Berg Studentvillage10-14427542755Choose
Studio apartment Berg Studentvillage13454058100Choose
Bloksberg car parking space NOK 600,- pr month
Ingen heading for språk en Bloksberg car parking space NOK 600,- pr month0016Choose
Bloksberg Student village
Couples apartment Bloksberg Student village33-41673081301Choose
Studio apartment Bloksberg Student village20-27557060200Choose
Car parking space garage nok 600,- pr month
Ingen heading for språk en Car parking space garage nok 600,- pr month009Choose
Frode Rinnansvei
Single room Frode Rinnansvei12367036702Choose
Jakobsliveien 55
Couples apartment Jakobsliveien 5540509050900Choose
Ingen heading for språk en Jakobsliveien 55005Choose
Karinelund student village
Single room Karinelund student village12-17316034500Choose
Klostergata 18
Parking space Klostergata 18000Choose
Single room Klostergata 1810-14355037650Choose
Klostergata 20
Couples apartment Klostergata 20fra 38 til 100 kvm600072750Choose
Single room Klostergata 20ca 10362036200Choose
Klostergata 56
Parking space open garage nok 300,- pr month Klostergata 560020Choose
Single room Klostergata 5612390039000Choose
Ingen heading for språk en Lerkendal11-13442044204Choose
Ingen heading for språk en Lerkendal32770077000Choose
Magnus den Godesgt 2
Single room Magnus den Godesgt 29-23231039500Choose
Couples apartment Moholt51000Choose
Dublett Moholt20570057001Choose
Family flat, unfurnished Moholt51635092002Choose
Single room Moholt1029903160-1Choose
Storage room Moholt30030017Choose
Nedre Berg
Couples apartment Nedre Berg48765076501Choose
Couples apartment Nedre Berg52813081300Choose
Parking space outdoor NOK 300,- pr month Nedre Berg000Choose
Single room Nedre Berg12405040500Choose
Nedre Singsakerslette
Couples apartment Nedre Singsakerslette27-56673081300Choose
Dublett Nedre Singsakerslette564056400Choose
Single room Nedre Singsakerslette8-12420045504Choose
Studio apartment Nedre Singsakerslette21-30556055600Choose
Single room Parkbygget8-18414052501Choose
Steinan student village
Couples apartment Steinan student village36-47557059000Choose
Dublett Steinan student village26 + fellesareal458045800Choose
Family flat, unfurnished Steinan student village67831583151Choose
Single room Steinan student village12316031604Choose
Single room Steinan student village19354044206Choose
Studio apartment Steinan student village26478051700Choose
Sverresgate 8
Couples apartment Sverresgate 830600060001Choose
Teknobyen student housing
Couples apartment Teknobyen student housing28600060000Choose
Single room Teknobyen student housing13484548450Choose
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