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Price per month:3065 - 3565
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The pictures of the furnished room were takein in Herman Krags veg, and are illustrations of how you can fit up your room.

Moholt student village is located across the street from NTNU Moholt, and is within walking distance of NTNU Gløshaugen (1,7 km), NTNU Dragvoll (2,1 km), NTNU Elgeseter (2,1 km), MTFS (3,0 km) and St. Olavs Hospital (3,0 km). There are excellent bus connections from here to the city centre and Trondheim's remaining campuses.

All single rooms with shared facilities in Herman Krags veg and Moholt alle are shared by four students, and are fitted with a bathroom, and a kitchen featuring an electric stove, two refrigerators, cupboards, a kitchen table, and four chairs. All kitchens in Moholt alle and the rehabilitated blocks in Herman Krags veg also have a dishwashing machine installed.

The private rooms are furnished, containing a bed (box mattress), desk, swivel chair, and wardrobe. You must aquire all other furniture and inventory yourself.

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Area 10
Bathroom shared with 3
White goods included Yes
Electricity included No
Internet Yes
Cable TV Yes
Kitchen shared with 3
Furnished Yes
Laundry facilities Yes
Saturday 22.10.2016 : 21:36:12
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